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Servicing Monroe, Randolph, and St. Clair Counties
  1. Q
    What time should I place my garbage/recycling containers out for pick-up?
    Place your garbage and recycling carts out the night before or before 6 a.m.
  2. Q
    What should I do if my pick-up is missed due to weather/poor road conditions?
    Services will resume as soon as secondary and rural road conditions allow.
  3. Q
    Are there any restrictions as to what I can put in my garbage container?
    Some of the items not allowed in your garbage are: Construction materials, hazardous waste, medical waste, electronics, tires, batteries, paint, appliances, and yard waste.
  4. Q
    Are there any restrictions as to what I can put in my recycling container?
    Items that are allowed at this time are plastics (water bottles), aluminum cans, tin cans, glass bottles, cardboard boxes. All items must be rinsed of food or liquids.
  5. Q
    What if I need an extra pick-up or have bulk items that I need to get rid of?
    Please contact out office to make arrangements (fees may apply for a non-standard pick-up).
  6. Q
    Will you be closed for the holidays?
    Observance of New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Please view our schedule or more information on trash and recycling pick-up.