What Can I Recycle?

All recyclable items need to be sorted prior to arriving at the facility. As a safety precaution, please keep children and pets inside the vehicle at all times. Do not enter the building when cones are displayed or machinery is in use.

The following items can be recycled:

Aluminum and Steel: beverage cans, tin food cans, empty aerosol cans

Plastic #1 Bottles and trays. Water bottles, soda bottles, berry trays, film, etc. These items must be stamped with 1 PETE symbol. Lids and labels are okay.

Plastic #2: Bottles only. Milk jugs, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, film, etc. These items must be stamped with 2 HDPE symbol. Lids and labels are okay.

Glass Bottles and Jars: Household glass bottles and jars can be recycled in the GLASS ONLY drop-off containers. These WILL NOT be accepted in the curbside recycling bins or blue drop-off trailers.

Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard and food boxes (remove packaging and liners). No food or grease residue. No waxy lined containers or cartons.

Newspapers and Magazines: Including all inserts. Please keep these separate from office paper and junk mail.

Office Paper and Junk Mail: Mixed office paper, notebook paper, etc. Staples, paperclips, and plastic windows are okay. Shredded paper must be bagged.

Electronics: Computers, cell phones, wires, stereo systems, cameras, non-rechargeable batteries, etc. NO televisions. **DROP OFF at ESD Office**

In addition to the plastics shown above, we also accept plastics #1-7. When recycling books, please remove all binders before disposing.